Emotional Intelligence: The Leader’s Edge

Accelerate Leadership Performance with EQ Coaching and Development. Experience the EQ-i 2.0 Difference.

At Root Revival, we focus on intentional leadership development for accelerated growth and performance. We provide individualized support to tailor programs to client needs. This process is guided by baseline assessments and co-created goals. Our scientifically validated assessment tools, combined with our coaching programs provide sustainable and measurable results.

“We work with leaders to connect intention to impact.”

Michelle Lyne | founder, root revival
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Anchor leadership development in a measurable and tangible way. EQ-i 2.0 and DISC assessments reveal strengths and areas for development, in user-friendly reports for immediate development planning.

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Accelerate leadership development with coaching–it provides individualized, real-time support to successfully overcome challenges, explore new opportunities, and develop essential leadership skills.

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Engage in leadership training to grow in confidence, competencies and performance. Virtual courses and resources for just in time training, complete with printable certificates.

Let’s grow your leadership skills together.

Michelle is one of the most genuine, heart-led leadership coaches in the government sector. She provides a focused one-on-one coaching service, ensuring that both employer and client benefit optimally from the sessions. Michelle shows great discernment and comes from a very complimentary municipal background and so understands the public service dynamic. She is responsive, personable and takes pride in achieving “success stories”. Her coaching style I believe to be quite unique and have no hesitation in recommending Michelle and Root Revival to any potential government organization seeking leadership development.  

Chris Baird, Director of Recreation, Culture & Parks

Michelle was so easy to work with and open up to.  We quickly dug in deep and covered a lot – values, planting roots, managing expectations, performance improvement/management, workload/time prioritization, coaching and celebrating successes of my team to name a few.  With Michelles’ support, I was able to envision the balance and happiness I was seeking.  Michelle provided me with the tools and strategies to reduce the noise, providing the clarity to keep that vision in focus.  

Leadership Coaching Client

Root Revival clients can expect to feel REVIVED

Respected – we believe in creating safe spaces and appreciate individuality
Engaged – we foster meaningful participation based on client input and motivators
Valued – we consider all ideas and aspirations to be vital and worthy of exploration
Inspired – we believe in dreaming big and realizing full potential
Victorious – we celebrate success along the journey; big and small 
Empowered – we enable clients to actively move forward and take control over their future
Discovered – we walk with clients through self-discovery to bring purpose to their plans

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