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Intentional Leadership: Core Coaching Competencies

An innovative online course that engages leaders to take on a fresh approach to leadership in the role of a coach.  Coaching is about partnering with others in an inspiring way to facilitate change that will lead to desired results.  Participants will learn the essentials of coaching and immerse in its practice, using technology to facilitate face-to-face practice coaching conversations. 

This is a two half-day course: Oct 28 & 29 12:30-3:30pm EST.

Course Content

Intentional Leadership is a two-part course designed to be interactive and experiential, giving participants the opportunity to understand the concepts and practice use of the skills.  Here is a brief overview of the course content:  

Module 1:  Adopting a Coach Mindset – Explore the power of adopting a coach mindset to boost leadership engagement skills. 

Module 2:  Maintaining a Coaching Presence – Discover how coaching presence cultivates trust to maximize leadership potential to facilitate change.

Module 3:  Core Coaching Competencies – Learn core coaching skills to extend leadership approaches to effectively achieve desired results.

Module 4:  Putting it all together – Understand how to apply the competencies as a leader for effective leadership.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of coaching on workplace culture and performance
  • Apply the elements of coaching to fully engage others through effective communication
  • Observe and reflect on conversations for accountability and results
  • Identify and change self-limiting patterns for increased energy and focus
  • Harness confidence in difficult conversations for positive outcomes and maintenance of trust

This course is for you if you are:

In a leadership position looking to improve employee engagement, communication and performance.

Planning to move into a leadership role and looking to develop essential communication and leadership skills.

In a human resources position interested in the application of coaching in the fields of training and leadership development for improved workplace culture and productivity.

Instructor: Michelle Lyne, MPH, BHSc, ACC

Michelle is an optimistic, seasoned leader who is passionate about coaching and developing others.  Through her leadership classes, Michelle highlights the importance of mindset and presence.  She equips leaders with core coaching skills in hopes of her work translating into tangible workplace improvements.  Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies and a Master of Public Health.  She also holds certificates in leadership and management.

What others say about the Instructor:

She has been able to teach me the necessary skills to change the way I communicate with co-workers, which has significantly lead to a much more productive and positive work environment.

― Amy

With Michelle’s support, I was able to envision the balance and happiness I was seeking. She provided me with the tools and strategies to reduce the noise, providing clarity to keep my vision in focus.

― Paulette

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