Michelle Lyne, BHSc, MPH, ACC

Founder | Certified Coach | Consultant

Michelle Lyne is the founder of Root Revival Strategic Coaching and Consulting. She is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, who brings 15 years of experience in the public health sector to her practice. She has a keen interest in leadership development, workplace culture, healthy public policy, strategic planning, and quality improvement.

Michelle’s love for evidence-based work began at the University of Waterloo as a Research Assistant, performing data analysis, research, and program evaluation for Canadian Cancer Society programs. Much of Michelle’s work throughout her public health unit management career involved leading and overseeing cross functional teams to improve the health of populations. She has been recognized provincially for her success, receiving the Ontario Ministry of Transportation Partnership Award in Road User Safety, as well as the Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner’s Commendation for Community Service.

Michelle’s educational background includes a Master of Public Health from Lakehead University and an Honours Bachelor of Health Science degree from the University of Waterloo. In addition, she holds certificates in Project Management, Leadership, Coaching, Quality Improvement, Mental Health First Aid, and Emotional Intelligence.

Michelle has often been called upon to lead and develop new teams and is well known for her planning skills and strategic thinking abilities. She understands the complexities of leadership and is passionate about achieving optimal outcomes through collaboration. When it comes to coaching, Michelle brings a warm energy and creates a safe space for her clients. She is a beacon of L.I.G.H.T. who has the ability to partner with others in a Loving way to Inspire Goal-setting that is Honest and Transparent, resulting in meaningful change.

In addition to being a coach and consultant, Michelle is a mom of two amazing children. In her spare time, she enjoys nature walks, fishing, kayaking, a game of basketball, and sharing stories around a bonfire with her family.