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Take your career to the next level

Get personalized coaching and job application support designed specifically for your unique career goal.

Career Coaching

At Root Revival, we help you grow towards your career goal. Our tailored coaching packages provide the support and resources needed to jumpstart your career, or take it to the next level. Together we will clarify your goals, develop actions plans and prepare for interviews. Our certified coach will guide you through resume writing and interview preparation, and explain each job attainment factor and how to apply key elements to maximize your own professional growth. You will learn how to tailor resumes, navigate online applications, and harness confidence for interviews. A resume and cover letter are only one piece of the job attainment process; you must make it through the online application screening based on your qualifications, and then the most important and determining factor in employment is the interview itself – how well you “show up”. A small investment now will provide great long-term returns.

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Career Booster Package

Learn how to create an effective resume package to ensure you have the best chance of getting invited to an interview. Narrow your search focus and submit tailored applications with real-time review and feedback. Feel confident in putting together a professional package when you see a job that feels right.

$795 (includes resume & cover letter review and feedback, three 45-minute coaching sessions, and between session support via email)

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Interview Preparation

Learn all the necessary skills for interviewing effectively and showcasing why you are the ideal candidate. Overcome intimidation by understanding the interview process and how to present yourself in a professional manner. Engage in a mock interview for real-time feedback to feel ready for any question.

$350 (includes two 60-minute coaching sessions focused on preparing for interviews with tips and sample questions, plus feedback)

What Our Clients are Saying

Despite having the skills and putting in multiple job applications, I could not seem to get interviews. When I first started working with Michelle, we went over specific goals I had and created a plan to achieve them. Michelle was very professional and knowledgeable, and made me feel supported the entire time. She was energetic and encouraging, and I gained a lot of momentum in between our sessions–within just 1 month of our work together, I ended up with 3 interviews and 2 job offers. Not only did I meet my initial goals, but I also far exceeded them. I am now working in my field at a great organization, and I am so glad that I took the leap of faith to start career coaching.”


“I recently had an interview for a position. Fortunately, I was able to find Michelle online and set up a quick coaching session. In my session with Michelle she provided me with great advice, insight from a managers perspective and reinforced my self-confidence. I felt very prepared going into this interview. The interview went very well and I was successful. I would definitely recommend Michelle and go further to say that I would suggest that anyone preparing for an interview should take a tuneup session with Michelle to get the edge on other candidates.”


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Want to Learn More?

We offer free 20-minute discovery calls to answer your questions and learn how we can best support your career goals. Simply click the link below and choose a date and time that works best for you. Talk to you soon!

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