Expand Your Roots and Grow


[root] noun
the basic cause, source, or origin of


[Re-viv-al] noun
an improvement in the condition or strength of something

Michelle Lyne, BHSc, MPH

Strategic Coach – Health Promotion Consultant – Systems Thinker

“Vision is the root of all revival.  Growth occurs when plans are seeded then watered with support.”  

I am an optimistic, seasoned leader who is passionate about coaching people and engaging organizations toward their goals.  I bring 15 years leadership experience in the public health sector, as Manager of Community Health at a health unit in Ontario, to my coaching and consulting practice.

Expand your roots and grow toward your goals!  Whether you are seeking personal or professional enrichments, Root Revival can help.  Contact us to find out more. 


Helping clients reach their personal and professional goals faster with practical thinking tools and genuine support.


Supporting organizations through planning and transitions to fully realize their most vital outcomes. 


Offering leadership training to grow confidence, abilities and careers. Learn how to build highly effective teams.