Offers your organization leadership and project management services to complete the projects you simply don’t have time for.

Root Revival consulting supports organizations through transitions to fully realize their most vital matters and desired outcomes.  Our strategic approach to clear goal development and action planning drives measurable outcomes. We are passionate about public health and have a clear understanding of the accountability structure. Our off-site support services ensure staff can continue with their day-to-day operations, maximizing the ability to effectively meet mandates.      

Key Consulting Areas

Program Management

Increase organizational confidence in maximizing resources for ultimate accountability to your funder and taxpayers, while ensuring evidence-informed programs and services.  Root Revival uses a “lean” lens for developing and evaluating programs and processes to ensure optimal outcomes with efficient use of resources. 

Services include:

  • Program planning and evaluation
  • Logic models
  • Policy review and development
  • Annual Service Plan coordination and completion
  • Report and grant writing

Organizational Strategies

Enhance organizational strength through strategic planning, leadership support and quality improvement practices.  Root Revival uses a strengths-based approach to strategic planning and leadership development. 

Services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Quality improvement projects
  • Facilitation
  • Leadership training and coaching
  • Team building

Human Resource Management

Increase productivity, reduce staff turnover, improve relationships and customer service.  Root Revival draws on many years of experience to provide leadership support through coaching for faster employee development and fewer grievances. 

Services include:   

  • Hiring support (resume vetting, interviewing, reference checks)
  • Staff training
  • Performance management support
  • Leadership support with mediation and arbitration
  • Leadership and staff coaching for development

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Guiding Principles

Values accurate, useful, timely and relevant health data to address real issues.

Believes decisions should be informed by best available evidence and evaluated for continued success. 

Embeds quality improvement lens in all work to create more effective programs, processes, policies and services. 

Believes in equitable service delivery, planning and policy development.

Values collaborative relationships and knowledge translation with stakeholders.